Wrought Iron

The meaning of wrought iron – also known as “rod iron” or “rot iron” (common misspellings) – has changed over the years. Let us clear up any confusion with some quick facts! The original term was used for an iron alloy. It was a steel-like metal known for high quality but unfortunately was discontinued in 1969. Today when we say “wrought iron,” we are referencing the word “wrought,” which is an outdated version of the verb “to work,” and so “wrought iron” literally means “worked iron.”

“Wrought” means any metal that is bent, twisted or hammered into shape. This is much different than, for example, “cast” iron, which is poured at a foundry. Cast iron is brittle and can break from a decent amount of force. Wrought iron, however, is strong and secure. Our iron goods are made by heating iron and shaping it into beautiful curves, scrolls, twists and spikes. The process is not so different than the blacksmith’s of old times. We buy from local suppliers and work on every project by hand in our shop. We know that ironwork will often outlast the property it’s protecting, and we are proud to craft such a high quality product.

We take care of your wrought iron project from the preliminary drawings and measurements to the professional installation. We paint our metal in-house and often work with local partners to provide extra features such as sandblasting and powder coating. Iron is a top choice for gates, fences, railings, handrails, and more. Check out the ornamental iron page to see some custom iron projects that our team has worked on.

Not only can we help secure your residential or commercial property, but we can create almost anything you can imagine! No job is too large or small. Have an idea? Contact us today!