Most of the labor hours we put in at the shop are spent welding various projects. Whether we’re working on a residential or commercial job, iron works such as gates, fences, railings and more are made by hand in our shop. Our regular customers call us when they need a simple repair around the home. No job is too small for us so if there’s a rusted or broken part we can salvage, we’ll help you save money by repairing instead of replacing. We have the equipment to help with your repairs on site so we deliver a solution that’s not only low-cost but timely.

If we are helping you with a new project, it all starts with the design – measurements, blueprints and sketches. Then materials are gathered and assembled according to the plans. Welding is how we bond the metal together to create strong joints for the final iron piece. Then, depending on the project, the iron is painted in our shop or sent to a local associate for powder coating.

Here at Holland Ornamental Iron we make safety the #1 priority in the shop. Welders always need to have the proper protective gear and have ample working space. Welding is intense – there are many risks such as burns to the skin and eyes, as well as UV radiation, electric shock, and poisonous fumes. The health and wellbeing of our guys are priceless, so they stay protected with safety glasses and fire resistant clothing.

Our team is comprised of a father and son management duo, skilled welders, painters, a certified welder, and other local businesses we work with. Bring us your custom metal project! We will cater to your needs and no matter the size of the job we will strive to provide excellence in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.