If you’re thinking about building a fence, there are plenty of options to choose from and a lot of elements to consider. Some homeowners choose to build fences to keep their kids and pets safe. Even for a commercial property, a fence adds security and boosts value. Materials for fencing come in all shapes and sizes and all have their pros and cons. Traditional options include wood, chain link, or even vinyl; however, nothing compares to the elegance of an iron fence.

So, why choose iron? It can be pricier than other options, but most people select iron for their fences because of its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Iron is a great choice for security, but not always privacy, due to the space between the fence’s iron bars. Iron is definitely the top pick for property owners looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to protect their investment for a lifetime.

If you have a beautiful home with features like a garden and pool, you want to show it off! Don’t hide it behind a solid fence. Iron lets you add visibility without sacrificing security.

Iron fences are perfect for:

• Pool & Yard Enclosures
• Gardens
• Security Barriers
• Driveways – secured with key code or automatic entry
• Courtyard Gates

To get started, we will survey your property, take photos and provide you with a free estimate. We can use familiar designs from our portfolio of projects or we can work with you to design a custom iron fence that will match other features of your property. Whether residential or commercial, we’re here to create your perfect fence.

If you or someone you know is looking to add a fence to his or her property, contact Holland Ornamental Iron today by calling (253) 564-5671 or filling out one of our contact forms.